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Eastland, Texas and Eastland County are rich in history, scenic beauty, and friendly people.

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EASTLAND, WILLIAM MOSBY (1806-1843) - "I die in the faith in which I have lived."  
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11/28/2012 - The Eastland County Fire Departments, along with Law enforcement, EMS and Dispatch will be GETTIN’ REAL on Saturday December 1st, when they respond to a mock accident scene involving several vehicles. The training drill will begin at 11:00 A.M. and activities will continue throughout the day. Native Air and CareFlight will be landing on scene to transport victims to the hospital. The training exercise will take place at the 200 block of North Seaman Street, immediately North of the Brookshires grocery store in Eastland. The public is encouraged to attend this informative and educational event, where they will get a close up view of their emergency responders GETTIN’ REAL. An area will be designated for the public to observe the exercise and attendees may want to bring a lawn chair.
After the initial emergency response scenario of a mass casualty motor vehicle accident, members of the public will have the opportunity to GET REAL by operating the pump panel of a fire engine, spray water from a real fire nozzle, hold the “Jaws of Life” and package a patient for transport. Anyone interested in GETTIN’ REAL with us may request a back stage pass by contacting the Eastland Fire Department at 254-629-8232 or go by 414 South Seaman Street in Eastland. Holders of Back Stage Passes will be permitted behind the Police tape to observe the action. Back Stage Passes are available to the public on a limited basis so please contact the Fire Department ASAP for details.

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